What is MIYA?

First seen March 18, 2015. Last updated on July 20, 2023.

The credit card charge "MIYA" was first submitted to our database on March 18, 2015. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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This charge can also appear as:

  • POS Debit MIYA
  • Visa Check Card MIYA
  • Misc. Debit MIYA

Comments and Reports

Angelan Cobb on July 03, 2023

I got up this morning with a message saying a charge to my credit card was declined. It was to a company called Miya. I have cancelled my cards and getting them replaced.

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Jorge on July 03, 2023

Just received four fraudulent Miya charges on my TransferWise card on 3 July 2023. Each were for USD 30, coded as an online transaction.

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Mel on July 04, 2023

Just received a message that Miya charges on my TransferWise card on the 3rd of July 2023. This was for USD 30, coded as an online transaction.

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Mark on July 05, 2023

I just received a text message that Chase declined a $30 credit card charge on July 3, 2023. I never did anything with MIYA. I've since cancelled my credit card.

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J on July 05, 2023

Chase Amazon Prime VISA. Email saying declind charge for $30 from MIYA. Had to replace my card.

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W on July 07, 2023

July 7 on my visa i received also a $30 for miya. Declined it

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Miovanella on July 08, 2023

Just received the same notice from chase on a MIYA fraudulent charge of 30 dollars. Cancelled my card. Just wondering who’s behind this? Please investigate!

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braydon on July 09, 2023

also got a $30 charge on my amazon prime visa from MIYA. cancelling my card on monday

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B on July 11, 2023

I received a call today from Chase Bank about a $30 charge from MIYA made to my Amazon Prime Visa card. They had declined the charge because it looked fraudulent to them. They closed the account to avoid further fraud and issued a new account. It sounds from reading the other comments that this isn't just me.

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C on July 11, 2023

Same. $30 charged on Chase Amazon card. Initiating fraud protocol now.

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John on July 15, 2023

I also was notified by Chase of $30 charge on my Amazon Visa. I have closed my account and ordered a new card. What can Amazon Visa do to stop all of these fraudulent charges?

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D on July 20, 2023

Same issue here, Chase card was declined when making Amazon purchases. Chase said Miya for $30... first time I've dealt with this in years and only had my account for 4 months. Did they have a breach??

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