What is pp *pdn purchase mn?

The credit card charge PP *PDN PURCHASE MN was first submitted to our database on January 18, 2014. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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Merchant Information

Merchant PP *PDN PURCHASE (edit)
Website https://www.personaldefensenetwork.com/contact/ (edit)
Phone Number 855-231-0650 (edit)
Category Self defense tutorials (edit)
Description Video downloads (edit)
Phone Number


Scott on September 17, 2015

Personal Defense Network Video Membership

Craig on February 17, 2016

Personal Defense Network Video Membership

Craig on February 17, 2016

Personal Defense Network Video Membership

David Penwarden on December 18, 2017

These fucks took $54.oo out of my account after my account had been closed for over a year..! Watch your ass with this bullshit..!

William Cobb on June 24, 2018

Why was my credit card charged $54.00?

William Cobb on June 24, 2018

Why was my credit card charged $54.00?

Jan Harris on June 27, 2018

This just showed up in our account. My husband says he signed up for some kind of "delayed membership" in July of last year. He just called the company and got them to remove the charge.

John M on September 11, 2018

This is an on-line video training site that "sells" introductory "memberships" for a couple of bucks. A year later they update you to a "Premium" membership and charge you $54 using retained CC information. No communication from them in the meantime about "renewal" or upgrade.

David on November 16, 2018

Personal Defense Network. Did not know I was going to get this charge. I called and they were very nice. Cancelled the membership and refunded the fee with no problems.

Charged me without notification on January 23, 2019

Bad business

K. RICHARDSON on January 23, 2019

I found unwanted charge for annual membership on my credit card. I just called and cancelled membership as well as requested refund which was promised within 2 business days. Representative was courteous and professional.

Charles R on August 18, 2019

I know about the company but didn’t knowingly authorize a 59.00 charge 8/19. I will call them.

Scott on August 25, 2019

This company has charged my account $5, $15, $18, and I didn’t notice but now they tried to take out $350 today! Fraud

Roy on November 27, 2019

I just checked my checking account and noticed a charge of 132.99 that I didn’t authorize. I well call them as soon as they open this morning. Not happy.

Eric H on April 22, 2020

Signed up a while ago, but forgot. Called and Terry(sp?) was very nice to cancel my subscription.

Martin M on May 20, 2020

This is for year 1 of Personal Defense Network membership. I thought an exact $2 charge was odd and couldnt' figure out what I spent $2 on but when I looked here, I realized it was the PDN membership. It's a legitimate transaction. The company makes it clear that after 1 year, you card will be billed automatically for $54... It's all over their website when you sign up.. I think most people simply forget. I set a reminder on my phone for 11 months from to review if I still want to continue.

Jeff on July 16, 2020 on July 16, 2020

I found unwanted charge for annual membership on my credit card. I will call and cancel membership.

Lily on October 29, 2020

I found a membership charge for Personal Defense Network on my Chase account, dated today. I locked and cancelled my card.

Jeff on December 22, 2020

Contact Personal Defense Network at 855 231-0650 and they will address this charge. This charge showing up on my bill was a surprise, but the CSR I talked to on the phone was helpful and took the sting out of it. Yes there was the retention speech and it would have been nice to get an email before the charge, but the vendor isn't as bad as some I have seen.

Peter on March 23, 2021

PDN charged my account as recurring for a one time purchase. Since they are not 24hr service will check with them in the morning but it would be nice to have an email before an automatic charge is applied. I did a one time purchase several years ago and cancelled. They charged for goods NOT delivered. Contacted my CC to dispute. hope PDN comes through with a refund.

Charlotte on June 13, 2021

How can they make a charge on a different credit card? Personal Defense or Hacker?

Andre on July 22, 2021

They took 70 dollars out of the blue off my card

Frank on August 16, 2021

They took $135 out of my CC account, but lucky for me my CC sent me an email about it & I got it cancelled & got my money back.

Brian on September 27, 2021

What is the phone number so I can cancel my membership, I was charged $130 on my PayPal with no communication that they where going to do this. Thanks for any information you can give me

Rosario on October 16, 2021

Pero no entiendo como alguien puede hacer un cargo a mi tarjeta de débito por una compra que nunca he realizado a las 23.59 (casi las 11pm). Yo no compro nada por internet. Mi banco me ha pedido que bloquee mi tarjeta.

Kenn Sanchez on October 16, 2021

I saw a charge for $69 and I don't remember signing up for anything with this company I did inquire about some information but I don't remember signing up to get charged for anything in particular. I need to call them to get a credit because I don't think I'm going to be using their service.

Wayne Billinger on October 18, 2021

I was charged for membership I didn’t buy. I wasn’t my money back or authorities will be contacted.

Jim N on October 21, 2021

I noticed a $69 charge on my Sep 2021 credit card statement. I called the company and spoke to a very nice lady named Sam who said she would reverse the charge without a problem. If you ever buy anything from PDN, apparently the company puts you on auto renewal. It would be nice if PDN stated that policy in big, bold letters. We will see.

Larry R on January 08, 2022

Same story for me. I "joined" a video membership a year ago. Today my CC Co. alerted me of the unusual $69 charge. A call to PDN seems to have fixed it by cancelling the membership and refund of the charge. I didn't even have my "login" info active all that time!

Shirl on January 21, 2022

I just got a credit charge card recurring purchase on my bank account of 69.00. I didn't purchase a membership to anything.

Mike B on July 11, 2022

Got a $85 charge on a charge card we don't have any more. Thankfully, Capital One erased it for us.

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