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Recently Spotted Transactions

  • This charge is a legitimate charge from the concession stand at Roger Dean Baseball Stadium in Jupiter, Florida.

    Melanie on Nov 22, 2022

  • UGAR LLC is a scam, I'm being billed $89.52 for a bogas subscription, I called numerous times to try and get this cleared up and no one will help me. Do not utilize this company, do not give them your credit card information.

    Mike Walker on Nov 21, 2022

  • This is parking space near USS TURNER JOY

    Leonid Y on Nov 15, 2022

  • לא ידוע לי על עסקה בסכום הזה בתאריך הזה.

    Lynda Schwartz on Nov 15, 2022

  • Yes, legit. It was a charge for entry to True Grit.

    Meggie on Nov 09, 2022

  • I ordered a map update from the rlink store from Renault and a message regarding htempestcom came through

    Pete on Nov 08, 2022

  • byc

    i have this BYC debit thing on my account atleast 3 to 4 times a month this needs to stop.

    chief on Nov 06, 2022

  • İ had charged too. Once i check with my balance it is ok. Because this charge is for payment in the airplane. İ bought drinks about 30AED, after 12 hour i charged 30AED. İt is no fake

    Jack on Nov 04, 2022

  • This happened to me over the weekend. I've never used Uber before and a hacker was able to clone my account and over night take 3,500 from me. I'm currently disputing the charges and hope it's resolved. Been doing some digging and it seems to me like wherever I reach out for help wants to sweep it under the rug! If anyone wants to team up and feel a class action against Uber I'm F!@#$ IN! POWER IN NUMBERS!

    Kristopher on Nov 02, 2022

  • I bought the tickets for the train in the station of Viareggio

    Daniele on Nov 02, 2022

  • Vegas based distributor manufacturer of vitamins and beauty aids

    Skippy on Nov 02, 2022

  • Same as others, at first it looked suspicious, but reading I remembered I used a jukebox at a restaurant. Charge is legit.

    Roman on Nov 01, 2022

  • I had none of what was mentioned above and I've only just seen these payments which I have not authorised. Three altogether, one per year between 2019 - 2021 all in different months. I am wondering why these payments had not shown on my account before....

    Dee on Oct 31, 2022

  • I have been charged $69.80 for no reason, I don’t know what this charge is or how I even got charged for this, but i want my money back or refund or something back because this don’t make sense at all.

    Chase on Oct 30, 2022

  • Cellphone Company

    Cricket on Oct 26, 2022

  • Can confirm this is the gas station on 12th street

    EGL on Oct 25, 2022

  • This showed up on my May 15, 2022 Capital One Credit Card for $9.99 dollars. I never signed up for this and I have no idea what this is.

    Jo Brenzo on Oct 25, 2022

  • me debitaron el cargo el dia sábado , ya lo denuncie albanco, ahora tengo q esperar el reembolsdo

    mauricio on Oct 24, 2022

  • Sandbar-Rodgers Bar is concessions at Rodgers Theater. Hamilton.

    John on Oct 23, 2022

  • Aunty’s Beach House

    Blane on Oct 21, 2022