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  • No

    Todd on Mar 03, 2021

  • I have been charged three times on the same day for this and have never received service from them.

    Sandi Collins on Mar 03, 2021

  • The category is MEMBER CLUB - The only CRUNCH I know that would fit the category was a gym I used to attend to and no longer have the membership for. This was over 2 years ago.

    Ashley on Mar 02, 2021

  • I'm in Alaska and I'm sure I haven't bought any food in WI

    Brenda on Feb 26, 2021

  • They have charged my credit card $ 302.75 and do not know who they are.

    Michael Blount on Feb 25, 2021


    ISPA/PIMDS CHARGES on Feb 23, 2021

  • It's a billing company for some porn sites such as

    Porn lover on Feb 23, 2021

  • This charge to our checking account from Custom Properties of $12.00 on Feb 20, 2021 is not one I can explain. I believe it is a mistake or. SPAM. Can it be checked out for us?

    Bayfield Bubar on Feb 21, 2021

  • ביצעתי קניה. ולא קיבלתי את ההזמנה. עבר המווון זמן. למי אפשר לפנות כדי לברר מה קורה.

    Shani on Feb 21, 2021

  • Spotted this charge on my cc statement. Did not give any authorization for this charge

    Rocky on Feb 21, 2021

  • This transaction is for $14.97 I do not have an account like this it needs to stop immediately, or I will have to take further action, please stop this. Thanks Lillie Harrison 6017351253

    Lillie Harrison on Feb 19, 2021

  • It just showed up on my bank statement. No idea who or what it is.

    Rebecca Bush on Feb 13, 2021

  • С меня сняли 4,51 поччему!!!??

    Николае on Feb 13, 2021

  • no ripe green tomorrow sun

    Lans Smith on Feb 13, 2021

  • I've never order anything online. I certainly didn't order 180.00 belts. This showed on my turbo tax card. I'm hoping to figure this out soon single mother who really needs that money for the kids.

    Angela on Feb 11, 2021


    SEDICK KARRIEM on Feb 09, 2021

  • Teddy's Bigger Burgers Restaurant / Kaneohe Bay shopping center.

    TBB Kaneohe = Teddy's Bigger Burgers on Feb 08, 2021

  • For me a valid charge. $39 for one year of the e-edition on the Kingston Freeman newspaper

    Gary on Feb 06, 2021

  • Yup this was for my fishing license

    Stephen Flanagan on Feb 03, 2021

  • Same thing here. Error message on first attempt so did it again. Charged twice. Trying to get reimbursed now is like pulling teeth. Absolutely ridiculous. At the end of my conversation with the CSR he's like well maybe you should contact your member of parliament.

    ACS on Jan 29, 2021