What is phi*body shapers?

The credit card charge PHI*BODY SHAPERS was first submitted to our database on May 27, 2014. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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Merchant Information

Merchant Phi body shapers (edit)
Website Unidentified (edit)
Phone Number 800-357-7156 (edit)
Category Scam (edit)
Description Was given number from discover card as Amazon, (edit)
Phone Number


T R Corbin on October 08, 2015

Scam. This was through a typo on Lowes.com website. It is a scam.

Ken M on March 10, 2016

There is a $4.95 charge on my debit card from phi*body shapers. When I called phi body shapers I was told that I had ordered their product. I DID NOT! I was told that they would reverse the charge. I had made a purchase at a Lowes store 1 day prior. Is this a coincidence? Is Lowes system compromised?

Jo Ann C on March 11, 2016

$4.95 charge on my gift card from phi*body shapers. Used card two weeks earlier making online purchase.

NANCY K on March 17, 2016


Kevin Johnson on March 21, 2016

I have the same name on PHI*BODY SHAPERS 800-357-7156 IL and I didn't order this..

Suzanne C on April 11, 2016

They charged my card 4x since February. Saying I should have a welcome letter and I package I never received. I couldn't even get online. Plus customer service is rude.

Carrie D Hall April 16,2016 on April 17, 2016

I Have the same name on PHI*Body SHAPERS and l didn't order any thing from you . Never even hear of this company.

Carrie D Hall April 16,2016 on April 17, 2016


Upset on June 15, 2016

I have been charged twice so now I change my card because I never ordered nor heard of this company Current charge of sixty dollar's is in dispute

Sam W on June 20, 2016

A charge of 4.95 appeared on my debit card on 6/9/2016. Never heard of this company. This is just a scam and the issue has been resolved with the amount credited to my account.

J. R. on June 24, 2016

Just looked at my statement on line saw the 59.95. Never authorized it did the 4.95 though. Just called they said 5 to 10 day. I hope it does.

Jenn on September 28, 2016

Scam. Just cancelled my debit card before they could add more charges. I didn't order anything like this.

joe on April 02, 2017

I went through the process, when i was supposed to confirm order I chose not to. They still charged me.

Abby on April 27, 2017

I accidentally called one number off when I was intending to call Xfinity VIP customer support... The number I actually called was: 1-866.617.5645. It was rather funny... for the man insisted I had called the correct number and that he was going to transfer me to who I wanted to talk to in Xfinity, but that I was a "lucky" caller to receive a 100 dollar gift card, along with a bottle of vitimins for trial purposes. I cannot tell you how hard it was to finally determine what it was that I had been awarded for he had a very strong Indian accent... NOTE, I also decided NOT to go through the Confirmation Process and hung up, yet my bank confirmed they CHARGED my card the $4.95 regardless. It was April 1st that the call went through, then April 4 that my card was charged, and April 6 that I received an email confirming my order and to keep an eye out for my product and the 100 dollar reward offering along with it. One good thing is that I've called customer Service on two occasions, and I got the same nice person, Myra, at 1.888.982.9972, who is looking into my order status. Today, April 27, 2017, I just called the original number where my order was placed 1-866-617-5645 and was happy the rep, John, was able to confirm my order and all my shipping information. John informed me the order is in place and that they are very backed up due to so many orders being placed. At this point, I feel pretty sure I will be receiving the Vitamin trial and the gift offer of $100. I will join back to confirm otherwise! Regards, Abby

Cheryl on June 01, 2017

I was charged two months of 59.95 before I caught the charge. Scam charged to a phone call I received saying I had won something. I didn't finish the call, but they still got enough to charge my credit card! They said they sent me a packet to my home- I received nothing.

Josh on June 02, 2017

They r taking money from me as well

Bonnie on June 26, 2017

Just got a $4.95 charge that was fraudulent. Called my credit card and reported it immediately since I did not make the charge. I think the small charge would have been followed by a larger charge. Fortunately, I was monitoring my card, which we should all probably do, since it is far easier to spot fraud early on. Changed the card number and alerted the fraud dept at Master Charge.

Mark on July 22, 2017

This is a complete scam. I got charged four times before I realized I had been scammed on my account. I called customer service and they would only reverse one charge back to my account. I didn't sign up for anything or talk to anybody about a gift card but now I'm getting charged for this.The rep would not tell me where this originated, but I'm disputing it with my bank.

Anne on August 04, 2017

Same here $4.95 charge on my card. No clue how it occurred, though I have made a couple of online orders in the last week. Customer rep told me the charge would be reversed. Have taken it up with bank and obtaining new bank card.

Michael 9.9.17 on August 09, 2017

Phi body shapers just took money off my card 59.95 I didn't order any thingood from them....

T. ENGLISH on August 13, 2017

on 8/4/17 I went to withdraw my paycheck and found out I was $60 short , called payroll , payroll called the bank , the correct amount I was suppose to receive was deposited , so when I look my card statement of every transaction , that's when I found out , called the 800 and found out it was done 2 times prior , I informed them that it was not me and do not accept any order from this card # , had the card company issue me a new number , the issue is in dispute

Bonnie on August 21, 2017

Just received a second charge 59.95 and called Master Card to dispute this charge. The first charge of 4.95 was disputed and credited. I changed the credit card number and still have received the new 59.95 charge. Will cancel the card again.

Anne on August 31, 2017

Charged 59.95 on Credit Card in June and July. My credit card questioned the charge for August. Credit card cancelled and charges being investigated as fraudulent. I never made any purchase with this company.

Maria Gay on September 28, 2017

Oh my God. I accidentally dialed a wrong number. I initially was unaware. The foreign lady kept saying you won this, or do you want to buy this or that. I angrily said I just want to pay my bill. She asked for my credit card number and hung up. Since that conversation I have been billed $4.95, $59.99 and $19.99 for Better Homes and Garden magazine. I immediately called my credit card company and they waited a month to commit fraud. I paid my card off and they ran it back up. By the way the would not answer the phone when I called them back. I went to a voicemail for an adult page. These are nothing but foreign thieves. P9TtRF

Diamond on March 09, 2018

So I just woke up to a $59.99 charge on my credit card for this PHI bodyshaper bullshit and I am pissed. They did this last money and I had to freeze my card then have a new card sent out. I never approved this.

Tina on April 10, 2018

I don't know what this is but I only just noticed it after 3 months. Initial $4.95 charge and then $59.95 monthly.

Gina on November 11, 2019

Yes please

Sucker on February 06, 2020

I thought I was calling about a fraud charge to 888-445-0091. Turns out it was fraud but my card caught it right as I was in the phone with them. They tried twice and then wanted more information. Total fraud. Had to cancel my card.

Cooper on August 22, 2020

No idea where or why this charge appeared... reported to bank!

Lindsay on December 22, 2020

Same scam happened to me. I did not sign nor have I ever heard of this company and got charged twice for $59.95 and $4.95. I contacted Verizon fios at the same time these charges happened and was connected to an Indian man who kept asking me to verify my debit card and kept transferring which I thought was bizarre but I was connected from the Verizon dispatch so I didn’t question it at the time. Has anyone been able to reach the actually company or does just cancelling your card and reporting it to tour bank work?

Maria Yvonne Tan on April 08, 2021

I was scammed by a party that responded to my dialing of 1-877-663-8643 thinking that it was the One United Bank Customer Service. I asked repeatedly and the person kept saying that he was the verification department and that I would get a confirmation number. Then after taking down all my information he linked me to a taped conversation that was offering services by this "Phi Body Shaper" which would charge the amount of $(?) And that I could cancel by calling the number before the two weeks are over. I again asked whether he was One United Bank and he just said the offer had nothing to do with me and that I would just have to say:"okay" to get the confirmation number, so that he could set up my my account. The reason I called One United Bank was to get access to my online banking account. So, I was already suspicious and did not proceed giving the confirmation number to the number he gave me: 1-800-357-7156 which sounded like a health insurance call center. I have then verified the number I called and realized that the number of the bank may have been changed one digit:"1-877-663-8648. Therefore, it was a scam and these charges are unauthorized. Please remove them from my account? Please also block further or future charges by this entity. This was my message to T Mobile Money., but I was not allowed to save the message. Apparently they could not remove the charges, I guess.

Travis on May 28, 2021

We attempted to call a warranty company for an electric cigarette, and we got the phone number wrong by one digit. We accidentally dialed 706-696-8900 (Was supposed to be 704 area code) and when this person from another country answered the phone, they acted like they were the people we were trying to get in touch with.. They acted like they knew what we were asking about and that they had all our information, and would take care of the sending back the defective item, and asked for a 5 dollar shipping fee. My wife actually gave them the card and my bank notified me of potential fraud for 4.95 immediately via an sms message. I took the phone from my wife and started asking the rep what company this was, to which he would not reply. Then he yelled at me that he was going to send the replacement parts and that he was helping me. When I told him that he was misunderstanding our issue we were trying to resolve, he hung up on me. I have since cancelled my card and reversed the charge. I very much want to call this company back and call them out for their fraudulent BS. They have stock photos all over the site, this is gnarly, they should be shut the heck down! https://www.bodyshapersondemand.com/

Charles on December 13, 2021

I was paying my Viasat Internet payment on the telephone after receiving a call that my payment had not been processed. I contacted them at the number provided and went through and verified all my contact and debit card info and was told to hold for a confirmation number but was cut off. My wife checked our bank account to see if the payment went through and suddenly the Phi*BodyShaper charge of $4.94 which I did not order.

Libby on April 07, 2022

Called to activate my HSA card. I was 1 number off and spoke with Indian man and gave him info. I hung up when he wanted a card number charge $4.95 activation fee. I hung up and called the HSA customer service and figured out what happened. They tried to charge the card the $4.95 but it declined since it wasn’t activated.

Carol on August 10, 2022

Two statememts in a row I was charged $4.95 from PHI*Body Shapers when I have bought nor ordered nor authorized any purchasces from this company. It is a sham, how do I stop it?

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