What is auto air & vacuum service plainview ny us?

The credit card charge AUTO AIR & VACUUM SERVICE PLAINVIEW NY US was first submitted to our database on April 08, 2014. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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Dunder Chief on October 01, 2015

This charge appeared after my spouse used a machine to put air in the card tires.

AUTO AIR & VACUUM PLAINVIEW NY on November 19, 2015

it showed up on my account

Handyman Jeff on February 20, 2016

it's a very nice and accurate air compressor at gas station. works automatically, very easy to use. worth the $1.50

Bob on April 20, 2016

Credit card operated auto tire air compressor at gas station

Richard rowe on June 02, 2016

Complete fraud it billed me several times after the 3 one I recorded it with my phone saying the charge was cancelled service not working. I will be making a protest and clearly investigate the company through AG

Wanda on June 14, 2016

It was supposed to charge me $1.50 as indicated on the machine... but it charged me $3.00 to pump up one tire! This happened in York, SC at the new Shell Station (old Marathon) beside Bojangles on East Liberty Street.

Jane on October 02, 2016

I forgot about this $1.50 charge for putting air in my tires at a Safeway gas station. It is legitimate, but easily forgotten.

Suzanne on June 09, 2017

This was a scam on my husband's card. The card was cancelled. BEWARE!!!

Frank on August 01, 2017

I went to a gas station, put air in my tires but did not swipe my card at any time. The clerk turned on the air for me. Yet a charge appeared on my check card for that day. Very strange, and highly suspicious since I did not use my card. Will contest.

Brian on August 17, 2017

This is a company that owns a lot of the tire air machines and vacuums at gas stations. I reported it as suspicious myself until doing more research and remembering I had used my credit card to fill up a low tire at a gas station

Dan on January 04, 2018

I remembered that I used my card at the gas station to pump air into my car tires. Some people are saying they got shady charges thereafter because it is an easy place for scumbags to put a card skimmer on. Using quarters to pay is better but I didnt have enough quarters because $1.50 for air is robbery too.

ABBY on August 25, 2018

I stoped to get air in my tires, was charged $3.00 instead of $1.50 like stated on the machine. $1.50 for air is crazy but my tire was very low so I stoped. Now $3.00 is robbery I could have went next door to discount tires and got it for free.

Chris Graves on September 03, 2018

My information was compromised 9/1/2018 and I noticed a charge from this entity on my account

Jim on October 29, 2018

Got air at Safeway in Kenmore WA. Paid $1.50 (I thought) with my card, but it showed up on my statement as $3.00. Probably not worth the trouble to contest, but I'm sure that's what they're counting on.

LaMar MacNutt on November 28, 2018

I used my card for air to Fill a low tire. I just used it once but did have a problem making it work. I’ve probably fiddled around with it long enough to pick up two more charges. Robbery, but not an after worry about.

randy smith on January 05, 2019

SCAM,SCAM, There is no way I used my card in a ir or vacuum machine, yet there it is, 1.50 pending on my debit card. It's not the 1.50 they are after. This is a test to see if you and your bank notice. Hopefully you do, because if you don't 1.50 will be the least of your worry's

George Stapleford on January 12, 2019

Used this service in a gas station in Bountiful, Utah. Hardly any air, left with LESS than I started with. I'm sure the owners of the station would have said they had no control and contact the air service. So why bother? NEVER AGAIN. It's become a SECRET RACKET. Rip off the public in small amounts too low to spend time fighting, and get rich. GOOD GOING, guys!

AEL on February 11, 2019

An air machine at a gas station I used. It had adjustable air pressure but paying just to put air in your tires sucks.

R Steffy on February 20, 2019

A suspicious charge when first seen but I then recalled using an air pump at a minute Market and needing to use my CCard. $1.75 is a bit much except in an emergency, I guess.

Bob G on April 12, 2019

At first I was suspicious of the charge and looked it up here. I do now remember using the air pump machine at a gas station with a credit card.

Beware on June 06, 2019

Scam showed up on my credit card and fortunately my bank caught it.

RDB on July 12, 2019

Used CC for a $1.50 charge to try to air up a tire. Said it didn't go through so ran it again, but air compressor still would not work. Had to go inside and get change to pay cash, but was still billed two charges of $1.50. This company may technically be legit, but I agree that it is a racket! If they bill every person that uses it twice they are making a fortune that they didn't earn. WILL NEVER USE THEIR SERVICES AGAIN!

Marty on July 17, 2019

It charge me $3.00 after put some air in my tire when it supposed to charge me $1.75 what a rip off, this happens in Germantown Maryland.

S LaBo on January 30, 2020

Just had 2 bogus charges try to go through and now a $65 charge in Florida, I live in Michigan

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